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JusticeDiwan® Course 


Welcome to the JusticeDiwan® Course Page -- Helping to Connect experts and scholars with knowledge sharing portals! JusticeDiwan® is proud to be partnering with several stakeholders to offer a series of Videos, Webinars, and other Media resources in various disciplines related to justice and development .

If you are an expert or scholar interested in the production of Videos, Webinars, and other Media resources through JusticeDiwan®, please contact us at course@justicediwan.org.

JusticeDiwan® aims to be a forum for leading academics in the world united by the belief in the power of ideas and a shared commitment to using ideas to advance justice and development in the world.


Bridging academics and lawmakers, JusticeDiwan® seeks to influence public debate by reaching both outward to connect with the policy community and inward to shape debate within the academic community. JusticeDiwan® seeks to:


·        Guide academic capital toward the most pressing problems in the world.

·        Encourage scholars to critically examine the rigid paradigms constraining our thinking and to suggest compelling alternatives.

·        Highlight academic resources in the arena of public policy debate that can carry significant weight with lawmakers and the general public.

JusticeDiwan® seeks to develop an enviable reputation for sustained, careful, unbiased scholarship advancing the comparative understanding of justice and development. Such reputation can be achieved through efforts of a dedicated group of scholars who are willing to contribute in a myriad of disciplinary and inter-disciplinary ways. JusticeDiwan® seeks to network with all scholars and organizations interested in promoting justice and development in the world.

JusticeDiwan®’s main focus is on the technical aspects of the development process. In particular, our scope of work covers the basic components of the technical infrastructure necessary to qualify a society to effectively compete in the rapidly growing global economy. This includes the interaction between Economic, Social and Cultural Rights on the national and international levels. JusticeDiwan® serves as a platform for the relevant news and research tools related to these areas of interest.


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