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JusticeDiwan® Publishing   


Welcome to the JusticeDiwan® Publishing Page -- Helping to Connect professors and instructors with class preparation information! JusticeDiwan® is proud to be partnering with several stakeholders to offer a series of practice manuals, report, digest and guide in eBook form.

If you are a writer interested in publishing your book through JusticeDiwan®, please contact us at press@justicediwan.org. JusticeDiwan® welcomes everyone who is interested in joining our community. We highly value intellectual diversity and  interdisciplinary approach.

Below is some brief information on some of the JusticeDiwan® resources:



  • Digital Library for Professor Review Copies

Review academic publications via the JusticeDiwan® Digital Library for Professor Review Copies. This restricted access site is available 24/7 for review copies of textbooks, study aids and more to consider for course adoption. If you are currently a professor or librarian and do not have access to the Digital Library for Professor Review Copies,  request your ID and Password today and we will email your access credentials. Note that where available, teacher's manuals are also posted to this Digital Library.



  • JusticeDiwan® Digital Library

Have you seen the JusticeDiwan® Digital Library lately?  Over 15 academic institutions are now leveraging the value of this eLearning platform. Students benefit from 24/7 availability on their tablet, laptop or phone and eBook links to JusticeDiwan® for immediate access to different resources. Please contact us for more details. 


  • JusticeDiwan® eBook Store

As eReaders are more popular than ever thesedays, our JusticeDiwan® eBook Store offers a vast range of ebooks from academic, popular and professional publishers. 


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